What is Tulle?

What is Tulle?

Tulle fabric is a 100% nylon netting, lightweight product that offers a variety of uses. The most popular and well-known use for tulle is skirting for children and adult apparel. This trend has grown over the past few years and continues to appear on runways throughout the world. We stock a popular size that is great for retail packaging and other DIY projects. We carry 6” wide by 25 yard rolls of tulle in 14 different fashion colors and they are less than $1.50 per roll.

We have created some creative packaging and display ideas for tulle such as, using tulle as a replacement for tissue paper. Adding tulle inside of a shopping bag gives it a more bridal look that is softer and more feminine. Also, tulle wreaths are easy to make and can be use inside your store near feature products or in a display window to promote holidays and special sales.

 Tulle Wreathes

We also have a tutorial for tulle pom poms. This project is a quick and easy way to create fun and fluffy poms for use on packaging or as a display piece.

Please take a look around our DIY section of Custom Connection. There are some great tutorials that do not require a lot of money or supplies. We only ask that you bring your creativity with you.

Tulle Poms

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