Display Case Overview

Display Cases are a very effective way to show off your merchandise. We carry a wide variety of wood and glass display cases to suit many different needs. No matter your need, it is always important to draw attention to your merchandise and a display case is the perfect fixture to do so. The cases can also serve as a place to put high dollar merchandise away so that access can be controlled by allowing the pieces to be shown one at a time to reduce theft. Here is an overview of what we have to take your store to the next level.

Full Vision Display Cases are very popular and versatile. These display cases come in a variety of colors and styles. We have them available in ready-to-assemble as well as fully assembled versions. We offer each of the cases in black, maple and gray. It doesn't matter if you are on a tight budget or have a little more flexibility; these cases are a great choice. They feature tempered glass tops and fronts. Inside they have two rows of adjustable tempered glass shelves that allow you to display whatever you like. Each of the cases includes a high quality laminate finish. The back side of the case also features hardboard doors that can be locked. In addition, we offer optional ratchet locks that are sold separately.
Wall Units feature even more glass and adjustable shelves. These cases are available with the same finishes as the full vision cases. The wall units include cases that offer a lot of vertical height and come in a variety of shapes. Some cases have locks that are included. The others have the option of having ratchet locks added that are sold separately. Some of the wall units also have lights that are installed inside. We also offer light kits that can be added to cases that are not pre-lit. Check out all of our black economy display options, here!