Heavy Duty Z Trucks

Workhorses-Heavy Duty "Z" Trucks

We want to highlight two racks that the term workhorse truly applies.

The Heavy Duty "Z" Truck Rack is a true workhorse for several reasons:

  1. It can display a large number of clothing
  2. It can be easily transported
  3. It has a heavy weight capacity

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The Heavy Duty "Z" Truck Rack has a 63" hangrail and a weight capacity of 350 to 400 lbs. This rack is great for storage room racks to hold merchandise before it goes out to the sales floor. However, more than ever before, we are starting to see these racks appear on sales floors. There are many retailers that have taken on an "industrial" look to their sales floor and this rack fits in great with that look. The "Z" frame design allows the racks to nest in order to save space and includes 4" industrial casters that allow the rack to glide smoothly.
The Super Heavy Duty "Z" Truck Rack has the same overall features but the main difference is in the weight capacity. With this rack, you are capable of displaying up to 500 lbs of merchandise at one time! That is impressive by any standards. Both racks have optional add on bars that allow them to hang two levels of merchandise at the same time. Keep in mind that the Heavy Duty "Z" Truck Rack has an orange base and the Super Heavy Duty "Z" Truck Rack has a blue base. Less than 6 square feet of sales floor space would be needed for this rack and when in use, it really packs a punch.
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