Youth Mannequins

When creating displays that a targeted toward children, don’t forget that children want to see clothes on a figure their size just like older people like to see outfits on adult sized mannequins.

Child sized mannequins allow you to display complete outfits for children. They are an important display item for any store that sells children’s clothing.

Youth Mannequins

One of the benefits of children’s mannequins is that they are about half the size of a traditional mannequin. So these types of mannequins can be easily used to build levels to any display since they can be either placed on the floor or on a table without being too high.

Youth mannequins can also be integrated with main store displays so that coordinating outfits can be displayed as full families with an adult female, adult male and children’s mannequins. These types of displays are perfect for stores that want to cater to the entire family. Children’s mannequins are unisex, so you can create the family look that you need with versatility.

Many times, in department or larger stores, the children’s clothing sections tend to be in a more remote area of the store. If you have children’s clothing displays toward the front of the store, it will remind shoppers that you have a children’s section and will draw them in. We also recommend pairing accessories with apparel on mannequins such as backpacks, jewelry and hats

Remember that youth mannequins are a great way to show off your best merchandise, so make sure you mix up what you have your children’s mannequins wearing and they will highlight your children’s merchandise.

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