SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Gun Kit

SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Gun Kit

SKU # 94605
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SKU # 94605


    • 1-SSW Fine Tagging Gun
    • 1- box of SSW Fine 1” clear fasteners-box of 5000
    • 1-box of SSW Fine 2” clear fasteners-box of 5000
    • 1-box of 4 All Steel Fine Tagging Gun Replacement Needles
    • 5 year warranty on tagging gun


Things are much easier when you have everything you need! That's why the SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Kit provides you with all the necessary products needed to tag entire selections of fine fabric merchandise. The kit includes one SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Gun, one box of SSW 1" Fine Fabric Fasteners, one box of SSW 2" Fine Fabric Fasteners, and one box of 4 All Steel Replacement Needles for the Fine Fabric Tagging Gun. All fasteners come 5000 to a box, while the SSW Fine Fabric Gun comes with a 5-year warranty. With everything you need all in one place, you can quickly tag your entire store, including your delicate weight fabrics. Make it easier on yourself. The most efficient and cost-effective way to tag!