SSW Regular Tagging Gun

SSW Regular Tagging Gun

SKU # 94200
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SKU # 94200


    •Attached needle guard
    • Includes an all-steel (integrated blade) needle
    • Works with any of our regular fasteners
    • For use with regular weight fabric
    • 5 year warranty


Tagging doesn't have to be a tedious task! The smooth action of these SSW Regular Tagging Guns lets you breeze through you toughest tagging tasks without fatigue. The price tag gun features an all-steel needle with an integrated cut-off blade, so you never have to take your gun apart to replace a cut-off blade. The attached needle guard helps to protect from accidental injury, especially when the gun is not in use. Designed for use with regular weight fabric, the gun will securely attach pricing information to clothing and apparel. The Tagging Gun comes with a five-year warranty and works great with all regular tag fasteners, including our regular and regular economy fasteners.