SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Gun

SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Gun

SKU # 94601
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SKU # 94601


    • Attached needle guard
    • Includes an all-steel (integrated blade) needle
    • Works with any of our fine fasteners
    • For use with delicate fabric
    • 5 year warranty


Take care of your fine fabrics! Using the SSW Fine Fabric Tagging Gun, you can breeze through tough tagging tasks without fatigue. Its smooth action makes it easy to hold and tag quickly, without worry of tear or holes in your merchandise. Featuring a cut-off blade inside the needle so you never have to take your gun apart to replace a blade, the tagging gun comes with a standard 5 year warranty. Easy upkeep and guaranteed satisfaction! Use the Fine Fabric Tagging gun for all your delicate fabrics. Don't get caught without one!