The Five Most Eye-Catching Fixtures for Jewelry Stores

The Five Most Eye-Catching Fixtures for Jewelry Stores

What complements glittering gems, shiny metals, and shimmering stones even more than great lighting? The fixtures that display them. When it comes to merchandising a jewelry store, the right fixtures can help or hinder someone on the search to find something special. With that in mind, here are five of the best fixtures that can help you truly showcase your special pieces.

Display Cases
Display cases are the main fixtures in almost every jewelry store. And there’s a reason why they’re so popular. A big benefit of display cases is that you can add lighting inside of them to increase the light’s reflection off of the jewelry you’re selling, meaning more shine and sparkle.

When organizing items within a display case, it’s best to scatter popular pieces throughout. By having at least one popular item in every display case instead of clumping them all together, you’ll draw attention throughout your display cases instead of keeping customers’ eyes in just one area. And remember - adding too many items inside of a case can come off as overwhelming to customers and look disorganized. Another popular tip is to sort and display jewelry by color. This helps customers easily find the gemstone stone or precious metal they may already have their eyes on.

Acrylic risers and hexagonal jewelry risers may not be a necessity for your store thanks to space concerns. However, these displays are great for drawing extra attention to your jewelry at specific times of the year like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and near the winter holidays. They make it easy to attractively merchandise jewelry on shelves and in display windows. Some jewelry stores use risers as a way to entice customers to try on items, so they often stock them with lesser priced fashion accessories or costume jewelry to encourage a self-serve, hands-on shopping experience.

Jewelry Displays
Jewelry displays enhance what you’re offering because they add height and interest to your display cases. Plus, they can help create a unified look within your store and showcase different items together such as a necklace display with bracelets and rings to match. If your jewelry store has a lot of options to display, consider adding rotating jewelry displays on top of the display cases to really accentuate your pieces. Some stores use countertop rotating displays to merchandise lower price point jewelry so customers can easily try on what they like.

Tilting Mirrors
If a customer is considering purchasing a piece, they’ll definitely want to see what it looks like on before they buy it. That’s where tilting mirrors come in handy. Tilting mirrors displayed throughout your store on top of display cases allow customers to consider buying the piece they’re trying on and keeps them from walking too far away from the jewelry counter. By having several of these strategically placed throughout your store, customers won’t have to search to see how they look.

Jewelry Packaging
Never underestimate the power of luxe packaging. From the jewelry’s box to the jewelry cards, it’s crucial that all packaging and tags match your brand and the price point of the items you’re selling. For an exclusive feel, customize your bags, tags, and boxes with stickers by creating a logo and using the same font for everything tied to your brand. Another popular jewelry packaging option is jewelry pouches. Pouches are an excellent, more affordable way to send lower priced items or costume jewelry home with happy shoppers.

Do you have a favorite jewelry store fixture that we missed on this list? Let us know!

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