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Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

As jewelers or jewelry retailers, it’s important to create displays that highlight the elegance and beauty of your merchandise. From the display case to the tags on the jewelry, it’s important that everything is presented in an elegant manner.


At Store Supply Warehouse we offer a wide selection of Jewelry Store Supplies for any jeweler or jewelry retailer. Not only can business owners dress their jewelry store or department from top to bottom in elegant display cases and towers, but they can highlight the merchandise using display lighting, discrete price tags, and charming gift boxes.


Jewelry Store Displays

Jewelry Store Displays

We provide our customers with a wide range of jewelry displays for your store’s finest earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. From necklace busts to earring displays, we offer attractive and elegant styles to highlight your finest merchandise.


Jewelry Display Showcases

Jewelry display cases are a key element in any jewelry store. We offer a large selection of economy grade jewelry cases to fully assembled jewelry showcases to fit your store’s needs. No matter what you choose for your store, our display cases will highlight your finest jewelry.

Jewelry Displays and Showcases
Jewelry Price Tags

Jewelry Tags and Accessories

Jewelry tags are an easy way to price your merchandise. Whether you are selling rings, necklaces or bracelets, the jewelry tags we offer will get the job done.


Jewelry Gift Boxes

Customers will love taking home their new purchases in our wide selection of Jewelry Gift Boxes. They are the perfect accent for presenting any piece of jewelry.

Jewelry Gift Boxes

Jewelry Organizers

With our jewelry organizers, retailers can separate various pieces of jewelry by style, size or color to create attractive displays, many of which are mobile and easily transportable. Perfect for trade shows!


Jewelry Trays

Jewelry Trays from Store Supply Warehouse are perfect for countertop displays or display cases. Whether you’re organizing jewelry or presenting pieces to customers, the jewelry trays are perfect for any retailer.

Jewelry Trays and Inserts
Jewelry Counter Mirrors

Jewelry Display Mirrors

It’s easy to close the sale when you show customers how great he or she looks wearing a piece of your jewelry. Our jewelry display mirrors are great for shelves or countertops.


Jewelry Cards

Jewelry cards are a great space saver for earring displays, necklace displays and hair barrettes. Hang them on countertop displays or peghooks for attractive jewelry presentations.

Jewelry Display Cards
Clear Plastic Resealable Zippered Bags

Jewelry Bags

Jewelry bags are necessary for small jewelry and accessories. Our selection of clear plastic jewelry bags are the perfect way to keep your customers’ jewelry pieces organized and in prime condition.


Boutique Jewelry Displays

Boutique stores offer customers more than just products. They offer the entire shopping experience. Our boutique jewelry display line will provide retailers with a simple way to tie all of boutique displays together.

Boutique Jewelry Displays
Velvet Jewelry Bags

Velvet Jewelry Bags

Our velvet jewelry bags are perfect for presenting your finest merchandise in a classy and luxurious way. These pouches are good for gift giving or retail purchases.


Organza Bags

Organza bags are wonderful alternative to a traditional gift box or retail merchandise bag. Use these bags for all sorts of merchandise such as jewelry, candles or small gifts.

Organza Bags for Jewelry
Jewelry Store Resources

Whether you're opening a new store or adding a department to your existing store, Store Supply Warehouse offers thrift and consignment store resources for any retailers looking to improve their business.

Sometimes you may not know you need something until your shown what it does. Miss Trish, from Store Supply Warehouse, wants to show all of you jewelers out there exactly what our products are capable of. View our videos for product demonstrations and more information on our selection of jewelry store supplies.

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