Vintage Straight Bar Bracket

Vintage Straight Bar Bracket

SKU # 60832
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SKU # 60832


    • 13" L x 2 ¼ " Dia.
    • Fits Vintage Accessories
    • Fits Vintage Outriggers
    • Sold Individually


Vintage Straight Bar Brackets are the perfect option for adding accessories to your Vintage Outrigger Displays.  Use these straight bar brackets to create a beatiful yet functional selling wall.  Pefect for stacking up jeans, t-shirts and more for display.  Use with the Vintage Outriggers (sold separately) and Vintage Shelving (sold separately), Vintage Baskets (sold separately). Vintage Hang Rails (sold separately).  Product dimensions are: 13" L x 2 ¼ " diameter.