Boutique Vintage Outrigger Upright

Boutique Vintage Outrigger Upright

SKU # 60825
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SKU # 60825


    • 7'H Extends 18" From Wall
    • Color: Vintage
    • Two Outriggers Used For One Set
    • Sold Individually
    •The Boutique Vintage Collection is hand distressed and ivory distressing may vary (see swatch)


Vintage Outriggers are the perfect way to create a selling wall in your store.  Add hangrails, shelving or baskets to provide multiple display options for your merchandise.  Two outriggers are needed to have a complete set up for your store.  Optional accessories can be located under sku's 60826; 60827; 60828; 60829; 60830; 60831; 60832; 60833; 60834.