Boutique White Pipe Outrigger Upright

Boutique White Pipe Outrigger Upright

SKU # 60742
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SKU # 60742


    • 90”H x 3½"D
    • Color: White Pipe
    • ½”slots, 1" O.C. Slotted Standard
    • Two Outriggers Used For One Set


The Boutique White Pipe Outrigger Upright  is sure to add a touch of style to your showroom floor. Our White Pipe Collection features a white pipe finish with industrial pipe accents. Our version of pipeline incorporates interconnecting pipes and connectors. The outrigger display is 90"H and has ½”slots, 1" O.C. Slotted Standard. Use with the U-Shaped Clothing Rail, the L-shaped hangrail brackets and hangrail to complete your outrigger display.