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par excellence

Par Excellence is an established salon and spa that has a razor sharp focus on providing the best personal care needs, serving the St. Louis and surrounding areas. With a name like Par Excellence, you know that once you step inside the doors, you are in for a treat. We are proud to introduce you to our latest Store Owner Spotlight, Par Excellence Salon and Spa.

Par Excellence is currently celebrating 17 years in the business of personal care and beauty. This is a full service salon with services ranging from hair styling, nail services, facials, full body message, and more. The store is located in Bridgeton, Missouri a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. The salon and spa boasts a wide range of services and an impressive number of top salon haircare brands. They are currently focusing on salon products that are all-natural and botanical in origin. They also have a small boutique area within the salon that carries retail gift items that include jewelry, purses, candles, and more.

How did you come up with the name of your business?

"It is French derived, meaning "superior in nature". We wanted a name that would describe what we stand for."

Do you have a background in retail? If not, what is your employment background?

"Retail has always been a vital part of being a hairstylist and owner. We always want our clients to use the "BEST" products on their hair." Annette Peterson has been a hairstylist and manager for many years before deciding to purchase Par Excellence in July of 2014. She has always taken great pride in being able to offer superior service to all of her clients whether they were established or first-time customers. Becoming an owner was an obvious next step for career. "We have always wanted our clients to feel welcomed and pampered as soon as they hit the door and step inside." This is a philosophy that is winning over clients and she continues to excel. Annette Peterson has been a customer for a number of years. She uses our Paris Script shopping bags for her customer's purchases. Her signage in her store features some of our promotional boutique designs.

What are some features/special events that you do at your store to set yourself apart from other retailers?

"Every month we run a service special, retail special, and business special. I have one wall that is a chalkboard wall. We put all those specials up every month."

What advice if any would you give others seeking to open a retail business that you benefited from?

"Always look to towards being superior! Your Clients appreciate getting their money's worth."

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Par Excellence Salon and Spa
3430 McKelvey Rd Ste E
Bridgeton, MO. 63044
(314) 291-9995