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There are often times that people start out in the corporate world and find themselves having to transition due to downsizing. Some people have had a difficult time starting over. This is not that story. This is the story of taking talents from the corporate world and creating a new business opportunity. I am proud to introduce Sherrie Hare of Mr. Anthony's Fashions.

Store Location

Mr. Anthony's Fashions is located in Edwardsville, Illinois just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Sherrie's store features an inviting glass front window with a bright-purple awning. There are plenty of fashions and accessories featured inside of it, which invites the customer to come in and see what else. This retail store features clothing and accessories for women and men. When I asked Sherrie to describe the type of business she runs, this is how she explained it.

When you step into Mr. Anthony's, you'll discover how dynamic this women and men's store is. You'll find an endless supply of gorgeous clothing for women size 8-30, as well as handbags and jewelry. Whether you're looking for a dress, handbag or clutch, bangle or cuff, rest assured you will fall in love every time you walk through the door. We can't leave the men out. They can choose from a wide selection of awesome shirts, beautiful ties, and cuff links.

Although not previously having a retail background, Sherrie worked for a large tele-communications provider, where she managed a team of 25 that assisted 7 call centers across the Midwest. She decided to become an entrepreneur soon after her job ended in 2008.

Mr. Anthony's Fashions is named after her son Anthony, who is an active member of the US Air Force. In order to create the style and flow of the retail space, Sherrie did a lot of research on the target audience that she wanted to reach. This was also a factor in what type of merchandise she offers inside of her store. Her store is filled with all types of racks, slatwall and jewelry accessories that really capture the customer's eye. She uses various types of packaging, including frosty bags and hat boxes. She adds a custom sticker to brand her store right out the door!

Special Events

Sherrie gets an A+ on creativity due to her ability to entice customers into her store. She offers weekly specials that aren't always run consecutively to keep it fresh. Some of these events include: Customer Appreciation, Kentucky Derby Hat, Magnificent Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday and Freedom Fridays. All of these events center on a discount percentage off of selected merchandise throughout the store. She also runs specials that are exclusive to her Facebook Fans, such as "Hot Flash parties".

Last Words of Advice

Sherrie offers a great piece of advice for others looking to start a retail business. She simply suggests that you have a business plan. A business plan will be the road map to success.

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Contact Sherrie at:
Mr. Anthony's Fashions
223 N. Main St.
Edwardsville, IL 62025 (618) 656-9800
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