Mommys Lil Rascals

mommys lil rascals

Store Supply Warehouse is proud to introduce you to a business owner who has a commitment to customer service while providing a unique customer shopping experience. The result is Mommy's Lil Rascals Consignment Store.


Store owner Elizabeth Sowers went into the consignment business as a transition from being an Ebay seller of children's clothing. She has an extensive background in retail and many years in customer service. She has always had a passion for selling good quality used items for children. It only seemed natural for her to make the transition into opening up a retail store.

Mommy's Lil Rascals Consignment Store was opened 5 years ago. The name of her business was inspired by her own lil rascals-her children. The store offers her customers a wide range of quality items for children. She sells new and "pre loved" children's clothing from sizes ranging from infants all the way to juniors and young men's. Mommy's Lil Rascals also sells children's books, strollers and anything else you my need for your children.

Shopping Experience

Mommy's Lil Rascals is committed to offering a retail experience that allows them to service their customers individually and provide them with an experience that they wouldn't normally receive in a retail department store. If someone calls that needs help finding a pair of shoes in a certain size or providing advice on what to purchase a 1 year old, they are happy to give whatever attention is needed to met their customer's needs. They also offer several amenities to their customers that are unique to their store. They have a fully stocked changing table with diapers and wipes. They also provide a friendly atmosphere for children that include a play area with plenty of toys for them to play with.

Store Design

When Elizabeth decided to open her store, she wanted her customers to be able to walk in and feel happy. She created an environment that was bright and full of color. She was inspired by researching design elements in magazines, the internet and checking out other consignment stores. One of the first things that she did when designing the store was to make sure that her customers with strollers would be able to maneuver around easily. She also used a variety of store fixtures and displays to achieve a look of organization and cohesiveness without looking cluttered. They use double rail racks with tandem & add on rails in the infant side of the store with basket toppers for miscellaneous items that needed to be kept off the floor. They get the most use of the space for the infant clothing by using add on rails. They have taken the outrigger system and turned it into a top notch retail area for the big kids/teen side. It was important to her that the merchandise displayed well and the result makes the space look very stylized and professional. They also use a combination of round racks and 4 way clothing racks for seasonal items because of their easy set up and removal.

Final Thoughts

Now in its' 5th year, Mommy's Lil Rascals is looking forward to the future and beyond. This past year, Elizabeth added business partner Krystal Baeckel who was of significant help to her after the birth of her daughter. She says of her business partner, "I could not have kept the business going without her." Elizabeth understands the importance of giving back within her community. They have created several $1 clothing sales throughout the year and give all the proceeds to local charities. Elizabeth is obviously a woman with a passion for moms and their children. When I asked her what advice she would give others looking to open a retail business she had one word. The word is research. She went on to explain that although it's a lot of work, the best thing you can do is learn as much as you can about the business you plan to open. The last thing you want to tell a customer is, "I don't know". We think that's excellent advice!

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4350 N George St
Manchester PA 17345
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