1 inch C Clamp for Sign Stem

1 inch C Clamp for Sign Stem

SKU # 20123
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SKU # 20123


    • "C" Clamp Only
    • Chrome Finish
    • Combine With Sign and Stem
    • Requires 3/8" Fixture
    • Fits 1" Square Hangrail
    • Sold individually


Do you have a sign you want to display to customers but no place to securely put it? Look no further than these "C" Clamps For 3/8" Thread and Stem to ensure you are putting on the best possible display to please any customer! Attaching to your hangrail, each “C” Clamp fits a 1" Square Hangrail to cheerfully display your fancy sign holder. All in all, you won’t have a reason to be disappointed with your signs, sign holders, or the “C” Clamp mounts. All products are in stock and available to be shipped immediately.