½ x 1 ½ inch C Clamp for Sign Stem

½ x 1 ½ inch C Clamp for Sign Stem

SKU # 20121
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SKU # 20121


    • "C" Clamp Only
    • Chrome Finish
    • Combine With Sign and Stem
    • Requires 3/8" Fixture
    • Fits ½" x 1½" Dimensional Hangrail
    • Sold individually


No sign should be seen without these special "C" Clamps For 3/8" Thread and Stem. The “C” Clamps fit a ½" x 1½" Dimensional Hangrail to ensure that your sign stays up and publicly visible from all angles. Expertly designed, the clamp easily attaches to the hangrail and puts on a great illustration to showcase your prized signs and sign holders! In stock and available for immediate shipment today.