3 Ways to Style Your Products with Wire Grid Gondolas

Wire Grid Gondolas are a wonderful product to use to display all types of merchandise from clothing, jewelry, retail accessories and food. All that is required is a little imagination. A grid gondola is a unit with four usable sides. It features a metal base and caster wheels for easy mobility. The grid panels are 2’x5’. Five feet is a good height for displaying styled items in a convenient way for shoppers. We also offer 2x4’, 2x6’ and 2x8’ heights. Any of the grid panels can work with the gondola base but consider the overall height of the display before using a taller panel than 2x5’. Although the taller height may allow for more display room, it may not be ideal for shoppers. We want to highlight several different displays using different types of merchandise to help jumpstart your creativity.

Clothing Displays

When creating a clothing display keep in mind that the clothing should be complementary and maintain an eye pleasing look. The color and composition should be balanced. Consider displaying a completed look together on a hanger or clothing form. This type of display is helpful to customers to show how the clothing works together. Display separate pieces from the look close to the outfit so that they can be easily chosen. If space allows, merchandise the display with clothing that is folded on shelves and baskets. We offer a large selection of accessories that can make displaying product easy. Peg hooks can be added quickly and a smart choice for adding jewelry, hair accessories, socks, and more.

Jewelry Displays

Jewelry can be displayed with ease using shelving and a variety of necklace displays including necklace busts, earring displays, bracelet bars and more. We offer a huge selection in a variety of different styles and colors. We used black faux leather displays with white shelving so that the product stands out. Whenever you are displaying large statement pieces, consider using a complementary color. You will want the jewelry to stand out against it. Try not to allow the display to be too distracting. When you have a variety of bracelets, our acrylic bracelet/necklace bar is an outstanding choice! The display is clear so the jewelry is displayed out front. Try displaying bangles next to thicker pieces for more visual interest. When displaying earrings, you can use individual earring displays that highlight one pair or you can use earring cards and hang multiples on peg hooks. Don’t forget to include a mirror for your customers to use so that they can see how the jewelry will look against their skin. Customers like to touch the product and see what it looks like. It makes them feel like they already own it. Make sure you give your customers the freedom to do that whenever possible.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes can be quickly displayed on the gondola using bullnose shelving and small grid shoe shelves. The bullnose shelving has a rounded front edge that comes down over the shelf brackets. You can display a shoe style on top of the box that houses the other inventory. You can display multiple pairs below the style that is being displayed. You can also display shoes from the side profile on grid shoe displays that are added to the grid. On shelves below, you can keep additional inventory so that customer know where to find the shoes that they want. Creating a display like this allows the display to do the work for you. The display is transformed into a self-contained unit that can help you save space and time. Accessories like belts, ties scarves and purses can be hung from belt displays our peg hooks. The product is uniform and shows beautifully.

Edible Products

Candy and snacks are a crowd favorite and when displaying these types of items, easy access to them is the way to go. Front facing the product on downslope grid shelving is a fun choice. We offer downslope shelves in 24” and 48” lengths. These can be placed throughout the unit and can enable you to display a wide range of products. People prefer to shop displays with product they can easily see and access quickly. If you offer bagged snacks, peg hooks work well. You can get peg hooks in lengths from 2” through 12”. Keep plenty of the same types of snacks on the hooks. It’s easier for the customers when everything is clearly displayed so they know exactly what’s there.

If you would like to see a more detailed look at how we created these displays, please take a look at our YouTube video. In the video we share with you what products we used and why. We encourage you to share your ideas with us so that we can show what you’ve done our online community.

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