Top 5 Must-Have Fixtures for your Boutique

Top 5 Must Have Fixtures for your Boutique

Whether your boutique is sleek and modern or funky and colorful, the right fixtures can certainly help you sell more items. Besides displaying what you’re selling in an attractive, eye-catching way, fixtures can also help showcase your brand’s personality and tie your store’s elements together to create a cohesive shopping experience. Here are five of our favorite fixtures for your boutique and why we think they’re the best.

#1 Mannequins and Dress Forms
Mannequins and dress forms are hard to ignore. Besides enticing customers to stop in and shop, they also function as a primary selling point. Both mannequins and dress forms typically work best in display windows and near the entry of the store since they’re such attention-getters. With dozens of styles, types, and sizes of mannequins and dress forms available, most boutiques choose ones that will match their individual store or their brand’s overall look.

For upscale and high-end boutiques, glossy mannequins and abstract dress forms are an excellent choice. Yet, for a contemporary boutique, headless mannequins are a great option for a couple of different reasons. First of all, they place more emphasis on the clothing being sold instead of the hair, face, or details of the mannequin itself. Next, they’re timeless since they don’t rely on the latest hair or makeup trends. This leads to a longer life on a boutique’s sales floor.

Looking for something a little more unique? Custom-colored or hand-painted mannequins deliver a personalized look that can match the décor of your boutique perfectly. For stores that have a bohemian, retro feel, you might want to check out metal dress forms to give off a more vintage vibe.

#2 Tables
No boutique is complete without some properly placed display tables. Tables help create a central display and break up the flow of other floor fixtures like dress racks and 2-way racks. While table sizes and the amount of tables a boutique needs can be determined by the size of the store, nesting tables (either round or rectangular ones) are the best options for smaller boutiques.

Where is the best spot to place these tables? Depending on the size of your boutique, a table can go in the entry way with a mannequin or dress form next to it for extra emphasis. Tables can also be used to feature gifting items (think candles or bath and beauty products) and are especially effective in boosting last-minute purchases when placed near checkout counters. To add extra interest to a table, consider using jewelry and accessory displays as accent pieces.

#3 Floor Fixtures and Racks
We love floor fixtures because of their versatility. Whether you need just a few 2-way racks or multiple 4-way racks, all of your floor fixtures will be determined by the amount of inventory you have on hand and the size of the area you’re working with. For example, 2-way and 3-way racks may be more suitable for a smaller boutique, whereas a larger space may call for multiple spiral racks and 4-way racks. The best thing about floor fixtures is that they can be used to hang coordinating clothing pieces together on the sales floor – like using a 3-way fixture to hang a dress, matching jacket and coordinating top and skirt set. These fixtures are also great for hanging promotional or sale items with a sign topper for added emphasis.

#4 Slatwall Panels
Every boutique owner wants to maximize their store’s space, and featuring slatwall panels on the outer perimeter of your boutique is an easy way to do so. Slatwall can not only be used to display clothing on a faceout or a hang bar, they can also accommodate shelves, display hooks, baskets and acrylic accessories. Because they offer the ability to display so many items in one place, slatwall can influence customers to purchase multiple items at once by demonstrating how to wear different pieces together. Using slatwall also creates more open floor space for customers to move around and less opportunity for shoplifters.

#5 Selling Supplies
Selling would be pretty difficult without tagging supplies, bags and signage. That’s why supplies made it to number five on our list – they’re definitely necessities of the business. True that they may be smaller than many other boutique fixtures, they’re just as important. Since bags, tags, and signage are easy ways to advertise your brand and boutique, make sure they help create a cohesive look with the rest of your store. All of these items should have the same design, logo and colors that you’re using elsewhere.

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