Summer Swimsuit Displays

Summer Swimsuit Ideas

As the summer months approach, retailers will start featuring many different display items that are perfect for summer merchandise. From swimsuits to sunglasses, summer is a fabulous time for switching up your merchandise and making quick sales with new customers.

Swimsuit season can be fast; most people make their swimsuit purchases between March and 4th of July. But there is still plenty of time to revamp your displays to maximize your profits in this area.

One of the more difficult items to display, swimsuits, often doesn't have the same type of hanger appeal as shirts or dresses. And because of the limited amount of fabric, even hanging a swimsuit on a hanger can prove to be a challenge. Here are some suggestions for displaying swimsuits.

Use a display form that can hang on the front of a rack, wire grid, or slatwall displays. These forms allow you to tie a bikini or one piece onto the form so your customers can see exactly how the suit is cut. Then place the inventory of swimsuits on the rack below or behind the display form. Even if your clientele is on the petite side, we recommend using a more shapely display form because it keeps the cups of the bikinis in the right place.

Two piece hangers work well for two piece suits that are sold as a set. Or take a standard plastic dress hanger and hang a pant hanger from the loop at the bottom of the dress hanger. This gives you the ability to keep separates together, but you can show off each piece individually.

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