Store Security Systems

Store Security Systems 

The presence of security devices in a retail store is a proven technique to help prevent theft. Security devices such as mirrors and security systems will help keep your merchandise from walking out of the front door. You want your merchandise to fly off the shelves, but those items need to stop at the register instead of going into a purse or backpack. By installing items that increase the presence of security, you can keep theft at bay at an affordable price.

Security mirrors placed in corners and around high-priced items will allow you to see these areas from the counter area and will make customers more aware that you might be watching them. We offer security mirrors in two different sizes, 18" and 26" diameter. Mirrors are easy to install and retail for under $40 and $70 respectively.

Door entry alerts are an effective way to be aware that customers are entering and exiting the store. We offer several different types with prices starting at $26.90 each. Our basic door chime mounts to the top of the door. This unit is wireless and maintenance free. Our entry alert unit is light sensitive and detects shadows. It can be mounted anywhere on a standard door frame. If your front door is at a distance that keeps you from getting to the door quickly, we offer an indoor/outdoor wireless alert system that detects motion. You can also install additional receivers (chime box) for maximum coverage.

Our simulated cameras look like the real thing. With the presence of simulated cameras and alert stickers in your store, thieves are proven to be deterred. We offer three different simulated camera styles that are easy to install. Our dome style camera mounts quickly into any drop ceiling and simulated cameras start at $17.95 each.

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