Store Opening Checklist

Store Opening Checklist

Congratulations on deciding to open a new store! Now that your ideas and business plan are in place, it's time to set up your retail storefront! Follow this basic checklist for a few helpful store opening suggestions:

  1. Select a location for your store and sign a lease. Retail space with large professionally designed window displays will increase store traffic and promote seasonal sales.

  2. Design your retail storefront. Make sketches of your layout ideas before moving any furniture or displays onto the sales floor. Consult with our Visual Merchandiser who can help you find exactly what you need to make the most out of your selling space. This service is completely free!

  3. Be sure that your logo, advertising, and decor all coordinate with a professional touch. A sloppy, unprofessional appearance can lead low traffic and sales.

  4. Browse Store Supply Warehouse to pick out the best display cases, merchandisers, slatwall, racks, and fixtures and accessories for your store.

  5. Work with a visual merchandiser and contractors to complete the project.

  6. Prevent theft with simulated video surveillance cameras or security mirrors. It is important to install the security system that best fits the size of your store.

  7. Hang signs in both the interior and exterior of the store. Store Supply offers an array of open signs, neon signs, banners, easels, and bulletin boards to draw customers into your store, announce sales, and highlight promotional items.

  8. Purchase general operational supplies such as a commercial vacuum, a garment steamer, hangers, labels, tagging guns, price tags, size dividers, mannequins, boxes, bags, tissue paper, shopping baskets, and tables.

  9. Host a grand opening only after opening quietly first. It is important to work out any unforeseen problems before you announce your business to the community. When you are ready for your grand opening, send out press releases announcing your new endeavor, or advertise by creating a direct mailing campaign or posting signs on community bulletin boards.

Get everything in this checklist and more, here!

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