Shipping Merchandise Safely

Shipping products to your customers is more important now than it has ever been. Access to storefronts and the in-person shopping experience is limited, and our industry must adjust to this every day. As more consumers look to the web to purchase what they want or need, it is important that retailers have the ability to ship their products safely to homes.

Store Supply Warehouse offers a variety of products to help retailers move their merchandise from the store to their customer’s front porch.

Shipping Supplies

  • Shurtuff Poly Mailers - offer protection against tears and moisture
  • Bubble Shipping Bags - provide a bubble lining to cushion orders during transit
  • Glamour Bubble mailers – a stylish way to create an impression – available in six colors
  • Bubble Packaging Dispenser Pack – added protection for fragile items
  • Boxes - available in a variety of sizes to fit everything from hats and shirts to wallets and gloves
  • Tissue Paper – available in a rainbow of colors to really make your customers feel they’re opening something special
  • Jewelry Boxes – add an extra layer of protection for your most delicate accessories
  • Re-Sealable Plastic Bags – great for loose items

No matter what merchandise you’re shipping, Store Supply Warehouse offers the easiest and safest solutions for you, at an unbeatable price! Check out this link to find the right packaging and shipping products for your business: