Pricing and Tagging Gun Accessories

Don’t forget to stock up on pricing and tagging gun accessories for your store. We carry a large assortment of colored labels for the one-line and two-line pricing guns. We also have sale and regular price/our price labels for pricing guns. In addition, we offer a great selection of colored 1 and 3 inch fasteners for our economy regular and ssw regular tagging guns. There are hook fasteners available in clear and color options as well. These are great for hanging lightweight items onto freestanding hooks and peg hooks.

Ink rollers for the ssw pricing guns and our Monarch brand pricing guns are a necessary item should you ever need to change your ink inside the gun. If you are currently using a tagging gun, make sure you have replacement needles for your guns. You will need to change these if the needle inside the gun ever becomes bent or broken.

Need help tagging your merchandise? Click here!

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