How to Increase Sales on Poshmark

How to Improve Sales on Poshmark

Looking to get rid of that outfit you purchased and have only worn for one event? Maybe you still have items in your closet that have the tags on them? Poshmark is an app that allows you to sell these items to people all over the country through your smartphone. While this seems easy, the key to getting your items to sell is in the presentation. Here are a few simple tips to draw attention to your items.

When taking pictures of your items it is important to make them as eye-catching as possible. Customers want to see the overall fit of the item rather than a one-dimensional image. If you plan to sell on Poshmark, we recommend purchasing either a dressmaker form or body form to show off the clothing. If you have a blank wall in your home, simply set the dressmaker form in front of the wall and use your smartphone to take the picture. If you do not have a blank wall, you can also use a hanging body form and hang it on the back of a blank door to show off the clothing. These look much more professional than images of clothing laying on a bed or floor. When styling your clothing, check for any flaws that you will need to disclose to any potential buyers. In order to provide good customer service, we recommend taking a close-up image of any flaws. Also, make sure to watch your lighting to provide the most accurate coloring and avoid shadows.

If you are selling multiple pieces, we recommend styling your clothing to create full outfits. Customers are more likely to purchase your items when they can envision themselves wearing it. So if you are selling a skirt and a sweater; style the outfit together on a dressmaker form or mannequin and add jewelry and accessories to attract buyers. Make sure to take multiple shots of individual items to follow your main image. If your clothing has any wrinkles, quickly running a steamer over your clothing can make a huge difference. By giving your images a more professional look, you will not only make your clothing stand out, but will show you are a reputable and credible seller.

Finally, the details are crucial. Make sure when naming and writing your product descriptions that they are as accurate as possible. When naming your product think, what would you search for if you were looking for a product like this? Also, consider adding if the items are new, worn once, or like-new, as well as the color, and size. Using descriptive words in the name of your product are great for reaching buyers that are looking for specific items. Also, when pricing your item, make sure to research items similar to yours and price competitively.

Don’t forget shipping! Get great review scores on your sales by wrapping items in tissue paper and topping them off with a “Thank You” sticker to really wow your customers. Finish the package by shipping in a shiny glamour bubble mailer or sturdy Shurtuff poly mailer to complete your look and get that 5-star rating!

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