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Must Have Items for Opening a Clothing Store

Opening a store is no small task. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of decisions needed to get your business off the ground and "out of the red". With so many facets to consider, it's easy to miss some of the basic supplies you'll need. That's why we've highlighted the basic necessities most stores need to cover all of their bases.

1. The Business Basics

Quality hangers, tagging materials, and packing supplies are just a few of the necessities you need to have on hand before you open your store. You'll want to have a variety of hangers for the array of items you're selling, and it's key to find hangers that match what you offer. For example, lingerie hung on plastic hangers wouldn't be the most appealing option to shoppers, just as satin covered padded ones would look odd under heavy wool sweaters.

Security loops, price guns, sale stickers, and price tags are other major items needed to label your inventory. While, packing supplies like boxes, tissue paper, ribbon, and gift bags are definitely a must for wrapping up a sale. You'll also need cash registers, receipt paper, and a process for balancing of cash and receipts at closing time.

2. A Visually Intriguing Way To Display

Whether you choose to go with traditional racks and fixtures or a more unique approach featuring ornate details and floating glass shelves, the way you display your items is crucial to your sales and brand. You want to show off key items in a way that intrigues buyers to come closer and try your merchandise, yet want the overall look and feel of your store to reflect your brand's identity.

According to studies, most shoppers start their shopping journey on the right side of a store after entering, so keep your big-selling items toward the right side within the customers' line of sight. Create a flow to your space that customers can easily navigate by mixing heights of your racks and shelves, placing hook stands and jewelry stands on tables, and selecting a variety of mannequin styles to represent all of your target consumers.

3. Essentials To Create a Flattering Customer Experience

If someone brings something into the dressing room, there's a strong chance he or she is seriously considering purchasing the item. The moment right after one of your customers slips into something he or she might purchase is a big one. It's important to strike the right balance in your fitting rooms, one that gives shoppers the most accurate portrayal of how they appear in the merchandise.

If your dressing rooms' size, color scheme, lighting, and mirrors are flattering and working in harmony with each other, you might have just closed a sale. However, if one element is off, the item could be back on the rack in a matter of minutes. Quality, full-length mirrors provide a natural, realistic look that gives shoppers the complete picture of what they look like. In terms of colors and sizes of your dressing rooms, neutrals have the most attractive effect and rooms should be big enough to move around.

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