Maximize Your Window Displays

How to Maximize a Window Display

Shoppers will judge a book by its cover when it comes to window displays. Your display has only about five seconds to persuade customers to enter your store. If the display doesn't give a great first impression, people will lose interest or have no interest in your store at all.

Some super stores employ creative teams to make holiday, sale, and everyday displays. Because you probably do not have a professional staff for your displays, you are going to have to think out of the box to make a statement worth noticing. Here are some tips to think about when planning your window displays.

  1. More is not always better. Cluttered displays do not grab buyers' attentions. If they're not attracted to your store right away, it's easier for them to pass by without another thought. Simple and clean displays with a direct message can be more effective than very intricate designs.

  2. Plan before you act for quick turnaround times. If you are changing out displays during store hours, the less transition time you take the better. Have a clear plan of attack for how to dismantle the previous display and have everything ready to go up for the new one. Don't worry about putting everything away. Your main priority should be getting the new display up.

  3. Be different but not in a bad way. Keep in mind that all types of people will walk by your window, including children. Even if you are not targeting kids, make sure that you don't offend parents by your message. For example, Barneys did a window display once that depicted its mannequins being attacked. With blood spattered windows, the display had people walking in the opposite direction of the entrance.

  4. Most importantly, stay true to your brand! Your window display communicates a message to the public about what is important to you and your company. While you may be promoting a sale, also keep your store's mission in mind. Never compromise your values to make a quick dollar.

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