Mannequin Alternatives

There are all sorts of ways that you can display clothing. Clothing displays are one of the most creative endeavors that you can pursue in retail merchandising. A good display can draw attention to your store and bring in new customers. A bad display can simply cause your customers to pass on otherwise good merchandise because it was not shown in its best light.

Today, we want to touch on some alternative ways that you can display clothing and some of our products that can help you to achieve that. We want to take you beyond the traditional mannequin and introduce you to some different options.

Hook Stands & Costumers

Hook Stands and costumers are a wonderful way to highlight a single article of clothing. The hook stand features an adjustable upright arm that extends from 18” to 36” in height so you can display a wide range of product. If you are looking for something a bit taller, the costumer features an adjustable arm that extends from 48” to 72”. These are not just for clothing, but also for handbags and other fashion accessories.

Tubular Ladder Mannequins

The tubular ladder mannequin has been a staple in our inventory for years now. What is unique about this item is that it is very lightweight and easy to assemble. Additional features include metal hooks to suspend it. If displaying t-shirts, sweatshirts or other active wear is your business, this display can be changed daily. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble giving your retail space a fresh look all the time.

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