Jewelry Display Ideas

Jewelry is one of the most popular items customers purchase as a gift. We feature a lot of different types of jewelry displays that can let your merchandise shine. Whether you're selling high-end jewelry or everyday fashion jewelry, we have a display piece that will allow your jewelry to take center stage.

We are showing our jewelry displays with and without jewelry, hoping that some of our merchandising will inspire you to try one of our displays in a way that you may not have thought to use it.

We offer most of our jewelry displays in black, white, and many other finishes. The jewelry can take on a completely different look depending on what color display you choose. We have merchandised both the black and white displays with a variety of jewelry styles. Whenever you display jewelry, it is important to remember to display like items together to tell a style story. Keep in mind that whether you display jewelry on a tabletop, counter, or inside of a case, always use lifts and levels whenever possible. Lifts and levels allow the eye to wander through the display, which is more visually appealing.

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