Avoid Holiday Chaos

Avoid Holiday Chaos

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for retailers. It is essential to put in a little extra work in order to be prepared. You cannot plan for everything, but going into the season organized will only help to cultivate a smooth season. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get through the season with ease.

Add extra staff on the weekend and during peak store hours.
It can reflect poorly on your business when your store is full and you can't give proper attention to your customers. Give detailed schedules to your employees and plan for some sick calls. If necessary, begin interviewing for seasonal employees a few weeks to a month before Thanksgiving.

Put a system in place for overstock and damaged merchandise.
Employees will be busier than usual and may not have time to put away unwanted or returned items. Designate a specific place for this merchandise in your store, ideally away from the sales floor. It is important to keep everything organized. Post important messages to customers in areas of your store where they will clearly be able to see them. These can include:

  • Return policy
  • Seasonal items return policy (if applicable)
  • Holiday store hours
  • Gift wrapping availability
  • Holiday events you are sponsoring

Your employees will take their cues from you. It is important that you stay positive and maintain a positive work environment for your employees. Think about doing things that will put your employees and customers at ease, such as adding music to your store or having refreshments in the break room. Most importantly, remember to reward your employees for their hard work.

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