Custom Creations

Custom Creations are available for you to customize and brand your business. We have custom options available for stickers, tags, bags, jewelry cards, dressmaker forms, slatwall accessories, wire grid and accessories and display cases. All of our custom products are available with easy ordering and fast turnarounds!

Display cases are one of the most effective ways to merchandise your product line in an elegant, stylish way. Our Semi-Custom Display Cases can be purchased on our website and over the phone. It is very easy and only requires 4 simple steps: Choose your showcase, choose your panel color, extrusion (trim) and place your order. There are endless combinations to choose from so please take a look around.

Customized tags and stickers allow you to leave a lasting impression and add a finishing touch to your product. Tagging your product with a customized statement or your own brand is one of the best investments you can make. We have a wide range of styles and sizes available. Custom tags and stickers can be ordered with three easy steps: Pick a tag or sticker, upload your text or logo then choose the amount you would like to purchase. We have a 250 tag minimum. We have lots of styles that coordinate beautifully with our jewelry boxes and shopping bags.

Our Dressmaker Forms are available in black and natural jersey coverings. A customized dressmaker form is a wonderful opportunity to create a unique look for your next display. This option is a unique way for your visual merchandising to add a new dimension to your store front. We also have additional style options for a more custom look by being able to change your top finial and base. We offer a wide variety of finishes and color options that we are sure will compliment your store in a fun and exciting way. Check out our selection of dressmaker form, finial and base options right here.

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