Maximizing Booth Space

Maximizing Craft Show Booth Space

Crafters and business owners display their merchandise all year long. But during the fall and winter months, it is important to take full advantage of the crowds at various outdoor festivals and other events to help you grow your business. At Store Supply Warehouse, we want you to have all that you need to make your booth space inviting and special.

We carry a wide variety of display pieces that work great for crafters. One of the best display items are wire grid panels. Wire grid comes in range of sizes from 2'x4' to 2'x8'. These panels are made of top-quality, heavy gauge wire and are available in a variety of different finishes. They can be joined together quickly with the use of our wire grid panel connectors. We also carry security ties that can be added for extra stability. We also offer a lot of accessories to help you keep your merchandise organized and professional. We have a full line of peghooks, baskets, and shelving to keep merchandise well displayed and visually appealing.

Craft Show Booth

We have included a wonderful example of what can be achieved with wire grid panels and accessories (shown above). This display was created by Tiffany at Presley's Pretties. She has taken her space to the next level with her clever use of wire grid. In her booth, she has arranged the panels side by side using wire grid panel connectors and security ties. She also attached security ties to the top of the tent for extra stability. She then took all of the accessories like hair bows and baby shoes arranging them by style onto peghooks. Everything looks organized, well-stocked, and fun. She used 6-ball waterfalls to display baby clothes providing shoppers a more visually appealing way to view clothing. She has fashion hats on hat displays that attach easily to the grid and can be used with or without foam covers that are sold separately.

Remember, make the most of the space you have by building up when you have limited floor space. The space this booth used for merchandise opens up the space on the floor for customers to shop. That is what you want to achieve, a pleasant shopping experience for your customers

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