Branding for the Holidays

Brand recognition is an integral part of marketing your business and generating consumer loyalty. Branding creates a connection to your customers and builds the identity of your business. Whether you’re a new business our have had generations of operations, now is the time to start considering effective ways to increase visibility and encourage repeat business.

One of the best ways to do this is by using stickers and tags that feature your logo. When people see your logo repeatedly, this can become an easy way to remember your business and the experience they may have had there. They may remember the gift they received from someone else or a good experience they had while purchasing a previous item at your store. Whatever the reason, these sorts of examples are a few ways that your brand can be used effectively.

We offer a number of custom stickers and tags that will work on a variety of surfaces and packaging options within the Custom Creations section on our website. At you can create a sticker or tag with text, templates and clip art from the website or you can upload an existing graphic that you have already created. There are many different ways to use these, but here are a few suggestions for your business.

Stickers on Packaging

Adding stickers on packaging is the perfect way to brand your business for customers to remember you. When your customers purchase a gift, make sure you offer to give them a gift box or paper bag to make it easier for gift giving. This is the perfect opportunity to add a sticker with your business information on it. Add decorative string or baker’s twine for a farmhouse style presentation.

Gift Tags

A gift tag is a wonderful gift giving addition that can save your customer time. Often times during the holidays, there are people looking to purchase a gift that may not have been planned. As a business owner, seize the opportunity to offer your customer a colored paper or plastic shopping bag with a tag featuring your business logo. You can create to and from gift tags directly on the website for this purpose. All the customer would need to do is write the name directly onto the tag. You could even include some double face satin ribbon, so your customer has everything they need when the gift is ready to hand over to the recipient!

Jewelry Box Stickers

The holiday season is one of the most popular times of the year for wedding proposals and gifts of jewelry are given. Jewelry is in the top 10 frequently purchased items in month of November. If a customer is purchasing a piece of jewelry for their loved one from your shop, offer to gift wrap it for them. We offer jewelry boxes in a variety of colors and patterns. Our jewelry boxes are cotton filled and ready to use for product. By adding a sticker on the front or back of the box with your business information, your customer will have this at the ready for their next purchase. They can also use this as a way to contact you should they have any questions or concerns about the jewelry. Adding a simple satin bow onto a dark box really adds a lush, upscale look to the product inside.

The more you can offer your customers to make their holidays easier, the more likely they will remember you and shop at your store again. Branding your products is the perfect way to connect a customer’s happiness to your business. Logos and images give your business an identity and will be remembered by those you sell to this holiday season. The holidays can be a source of magic, fun and family that we all look forward to each year. This year may be your best yet.

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