Merchandising Apparel On The Hanger

Merchandising your inventory can be a challenge. It can be demanding at times having to come up with new and creative ways to show off your apparel. If you are trying to display new apparel but don’t want to style the clothing on a mannequin or dress form, you can simply show an outfit right on the hanger!

We layered a coat and scarf right onto our wooden dress hanger. This outfit is displayed at the end of one of our salesman stockroom rack. Because the rack has a width span of 48 inches, it leaves plenty of room to hang all merchandise featured on the hanger. You can simply wheel the rack anywhere within your store and your customers will be able to clearly see the outfit and the merchandise together on the rack. No separate display is necessary. Featuring merchandise this way can save time and money.

As an additional quick tip we would like to show you how we tied the latest scarf knot on the display.

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