3 Panel Displays

3 Panel Displays

Our 3 panel display with 3 shelves is a very versatile item because it can be used in a variety of different ways. We wanted to lend our creativity to this item to show you what is possible. The display will arrive in a natural pine finish. For under $15 dollars, you can transform the look of wood with a paintbrush and wood stain. We stained the display using an easy to apply dark walnut color that can be purchased at any hardware store and let it dry overnight. You will need proper ventilation so it is wise to stain outside. We applied stain to the display and shelving being careful not to overload the brush. If you brush on too much, it will leave drip marks. We also recommend applying a polyurethane sealer after staining to protect it from the elements.

Tip #1 Baked Goods and Candies

Baked Goods

The 3 panel display is a wonderful option for a bakery or to highlight special products. On the top shelf wine glasses were added on each end. Next, decorative jars filled with chocolates and cupcakes were placed on top of a cake stand in the middle. On the next shelf, we added plates on the ends and chocolates in the middle on a rectangular plate. On the bottom shelf, we added three different colored linen napkins to complete the look. The lighter colors really bring out the richness of the wood. All of the merchandise on the shelves was purchased at discount stores, so this elegant look can be created on a budget.

Tip #2 Fall Display

Fall Display

Tip 2 allows us to highlight the fall season by incorporating natural elements. We added plates with apples to the top shelf. Because the shelving is adjustable, we placed the middle shelf low towards the bottom half of the display. This allowed us to drape olive green and beige linen napkins down the front. In front of the napkins, we filled a glass bowl with colorful fall gourds and mini pumpkins. The last shelf has a simple white cup and saucer with twigs placed on top.

Tip #3 Plates


Tip 3 is a great tip if you sell housewares or other home décor, because this display lends itself well to this type of merchandise. We spread the placement of the plates and bowls evenly in neat stacks. Between the stacks, we positioned our green, blue, and beige linen napkins horizontally to add color and interest to the display. This allows the eye to wander and take in the display in its entirety.

It's easy to make this display your own. With a little imagination you will be amazed at what you can achieve in a short period of time.

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