Medium Metallic Silver Paper Shopping Bags - Case of 100

Medium Metallic Silver Paper Shopping Bags - Case of 100

SKU # 92234
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SKU # 92234


    • 8 ¼”L x 4 ¾”D x 10 ½”H(Cub)
    • Twisted rope style handle
    • Equal to “Cub” size bag
    •70 # paper weight
    • Great choice for gift bags, small home décor and party favors
    • Bags can be customized
    • Natural color interior


Silver metallic shopping bags make a bold statement that will surely set your retail packaging apart from the rest. Metallic colors are a great choice for any retail packaging option ranging from contemporary to classic styling. Our silver metallic shopping bags are a muted silver tone comparable to brushed metal. A versatile product, this smaller size bag can be used in a variety of ways ranging from small gift items to wedding accessories and lingerie. We also offer custom paper bags where you can add your logo, messaging and more. Check out all of our Custom Creations to build a comprehensive look that will make your store stand out from the competition!