Madix™ Metal Aisle End Cap Gondola Unit

Madix™ Metal Aisle End Cap Gondola Unit

SKU # 63103
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SKU # 63103


    • Overall Dimension: 60"H x 36"L x 16"D
    • Must have an Existing Madix™ Aisle Gondola Unit
    • Stand Alone Unit
    • Easy Assembly
    • No Tools Required
    • Metal Structure and Hardboard Pegboard 1/4" Pegboard Holes 1” on center
    • Optional 36” shelves and fencing available in several sizes
    • Almond color (Sahara)


The Madix™ End Cap Gondola Unit is the best choice for your convenience store or retail sales floor. The ease and versatility of the unit make it ideal for simple floor moves, adding and removing additional units. Madix™ brand Gondola units are synonymous with quality and flexibility. This unit features a strong metal structure and hardboard pegboard backing. End Cap units do not have a finished back. These units are meant to be installed with the back of the unit perpendicular to an existing Madix™ Aisle Gondola Unit. The unit does not require bolts, nuts, screws or tools. These can be assembled by hand in less than one hour. Add optional shelving and fencing to complete the look of your unit. Learn how to Organize Your Store with Gondolas in the Customer Connection section of our website!