Male Headless White Fiberglass Mannequin

Male Headless White Fiberglass Mannequin

SKU # 70314
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SKU # 70314


    • Size 40 Height 5'8"
    • Shoe Size 10
    • Chest 38½", Waist 33½", Hips 38"
    • White Cameo Finish
    • Detachable Arms, Hands & Torso
    • Brushed Chrome Base 14½" Dia


This robust, headless male mannequin could be a great addition to any retail showroom! Attractively proportioned, the full-round male mannequin is sure to look great in all of your latest fashions. Standing on a round, brushed chrome base that comes complete with rod and fittings. Fashion trends are constantly changing, so to make it easier to dress, the male mannequin features detachable arms, hands and torso, so he's always wearing what's in style! Built with a durable, molded construction, the fiberglass mannequin will last as long as you keep him. In stock and available for immediate shipment.