Economy Female Black Plastic Shirt Form

Economy Female Black Plastic Shirt Form

SKU # 70110
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SKU # 70110


    • Shiny Black Finish
    • Fits Women’s Sizes 5-10
    • Flexible Shatterproof Plastic
    • Open Hollow Back Shell


This Female Black Fashion Form is great to display your various fashions, and keep your store fresh and up-to-date. This open-back plastic form comes with an integrated plastic ring, so you can hang or place it almost anywhere in your store. This feature also makes it extremely easy to move or adjust the clothing to keep your customers interested in your products. The shatterproof form is very durable and won't break. The half-round plastic form, is also great for women's items such as necklaces. This mannequin form fits women's sizes 4- 10. In stock for and available for immediate shipment.