Acrylic Single Display Bin

Acrylic Single Display Bin

SKU # 42107
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SKU # 42107


    Clear Acrylic Finish
    • Overall Dimensions 7"L x 4½”W x 4½”D
    • Fits easily onto 3” OC Slatwall, Slat grid and Wire Grid
    • Ideal for small merchandise and cosmetics


These Acrylic Single Display Bins are a great way to separate and organize your merchandise! Designed to be hung on either slatwall or grid wall, these bins will enhance any wall display presentation. Whether you've got a group of items on clearance, you're trying to organize products in your stock room, or you just need a place to put merchandise that doesn't quite fit anywhere else on your display, the tray's 7"L x 4½”W x 4½”D dimensions provide ample room to use for any merchandise you need it for. As with all of our slatwall or gridwall display accessories, these bins are in stock and available for same day shipping.