Baby Flexible Mannequin

Baby Flexible Mannequin

SKU # 70369
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SKU # 70369


    • 24" With Head 18½" Without Head
    • Chest 15½" Waist 15" Hips 16"
    • Durable Fabric Construction
    • Bendable Arms and Legs
    • Brushed Chrome Base 11"


Baby Mannequin

This children's mannequin resembles a 3 Month Old, modeling all your latest baby fashions. With a flexible mannequin, no more damaging or stretching your fashionable baby wear items, making it easy to dress in the latest trends. Additionally, the children's mannequin is complete with an optional headpiece and a standard metal cap that can be placed over the mannequin's foam neck for when the headpiece is not needed. The size of this baby mannequin measures 24 ½” tall, creating a realistic re-creation of a 3 month old baby. Take this baby mannequin to play in your showroom today!