Rotating Pegboard Displays

Our 4 panel wood display and rotating pegboard tower have the ability to transform all types of merchandise for a variety of uses. The pegboard display can be used as a screen or when a top and rotating base are added it becomes a rotating pegboard tower. The display will arrive in a natural pine finish. For under $10 dollars, you can transform the look of the wood with a paintbrush, and latex paint. We painted the display using an easy to apply latex Americana red paint color that can be purchased at any discount store or hardware store and let it dry overnight. You will need proper ventilation so it is wise to paint outside. Place a drop cloth under the display to protect the ground. We applied paint to the display frame only using a trim brush being careful not to overload the brush. If you brush on too much it will leave drip marks. We also recommend applying a polyurethane sealer after painting to protect it from the elements.

Artisans and Crafters

The rotating pegboard display is a brilliant choice for crafters on the go! The display is lightweight at 28lbs and is easy to set up. It will arrive already hinged together. Wrap the screen into a 4 sided square. Affix the top and rotating bottom to the screen and it's ready to merchandise! We sell peg hooks and other accessories in a variety of sizes that will easily fix this display. In less than 30 minutes to an hour you will be ready for your customers.

Display #1 Home Decor

The display is set up to do more than just show product for sale. We also used a side for extra supplies that may be needed as well. Because this item rotates, the screen can be used by your customer and you at the same time. As they are purchasing merchandise, you can set your raffia up on one side and bags on another. The only installation is to insert peg hooks into the pegboard holes spaced out however you would like.

Display #2 Jewelry and Accessories

As a jewelry and accessories display, this unit can really go the distance. You can display lots of different accessories side by side. The peg hooks allow for the flexibility this sort of product requires. This unit also allows you to layer your products together so that your customer can get a feel for what colors are most appealing together as well as what accessories will complement. Whatever you decide to do with the pegboard display remember that as your product line changes this displayer will keep up with you.

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