Why Use Paint-Ready Slatwall?

Why Use Paint-Ready Slatwall

Paint-ready slatwall is the perfect alternative to traditional slatwall by allowing you to make it your own. With paint-ready slatwall, you can create a cohesive retail environment that transitions seamlessly between your regular drywall and slatwall panels. With the excellent versatility of slatwall, you can merchandise products using shelving, peg hooks, faceouts, and more. To create this look, simply use the same color paint that was used for your walls and apply it directly to the paint-ready slatwall before applying to the wall. If you do not have leftover paint and do not plan to paint your walls a new color, take a swatch of your wall color to a local hardware store for paint matching. This simple process allows your slatwall to blend in with the look of your store and to provide a merchandise wall that meets your needs.

Paint-ready slatwall has many options. While you may intend to have your slatwall blend into your walls, it is also great for creating a feature wall. Consider using chalkboard paint on your slatwall to transform it into a modern chalkboard that is able to display your products. This look can create a fun and interesting way to introduce new products and can also be used as an in-store advertising board to call out sale products. Using paint-ready slatwall in this way is able to give your customers direction on which products they should buy. Taking the guess work out of shopping is an imaginative way to get customers to buy more without having to sell directly to them with traditional, high-pressure sales tactics.

Paint-ready slatwall panels are 4’H x 8’W. The panels do not requiring any prep work or priming before you begin painting. We recommend that you plan your space as you prepare for this project to ensure the correct amount of panels and paint.

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