Smoke Shop & Vapor Store Supplies

When opening a smoke shop, vapor store or e cigarette store, low price is a must have. At Store Supply Warehouse, all of our products are backed by our lowest price guarantee. Our wide range of acrylic displays, silicone rubber stands, display cases, slatwall, and gridwall will enable you to create a streamlined look for your vapor store. Get everything you need to make your store a success!

Acrylic Displays

Our wide range of acrylic displays and silicone rubber stands will enable you to create a streamlined look for your vapor store or smoke shop. Try an acrylic shelf for your storage and display needs!


Display Cases

Display Casesmake great retail counters for your Vapor Store or Smoke Shop. Choose from the three colors of our ready-to-assemble showcases offered by Store Supply Warehouse.


Countertop Display Cases

Utilize your existing countertop space by using the countertop display cases. These portable cases are easy to move and rearrange as needed.


Price Guns & Accessories

Price Guns are a must have at any Vapor Store or Smoke Shop! Make your prices readily available to your customers and easy to see to encourage sales. Don't forget your accessories like labels and replacement ink!


Plastic Bags

From merchandise bags to frosty plastic shopping bags, Store Supply Warehouse has what you need to conveniently package your customers' purchases in an economical way.


Slatwall & Accessories

Slatwall provides a simple, contemporary solution to turn a bare wall into a selling wall. Choose from one of our nine colors and add accessories to create the display wall you want!


Gridwall & Accessories

Take advantage of open floor or wall space by using grid wall panels or fixtures and accessories. Offered in four colors, you're sure to find one to match your Smoke Shop's décor.


Glass Shelves

Make use of your wall space with glass shelves and create a display that is sure to draw attention. Glass shelves will allow all the attention to fall on your product instead of the shelving unit.