Small Colored Special Single-Sided Sign Cards

Small Colored Special Single-Sided Sign Cards

SKU # 15431
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SKU # 15431


    • 5 1/2"H x 7"W
    • 4 Fluorescent Colors (as shown)
    • SPECIAL W/Black Jagged Border
    • Single Sided
    • Pack of 100


No sign holder is complete without our Fluorescent Special Signs! These glowing signs attract attention from all angles because of their concentration of color. Included in this pack are 25 each of 5½" x 7" sized cards in four different vibrant colors for a grand total of 100 Signs. The four colors are green, orange, yellow, and pink. Make your own day fun and be able to create an atmosphere of happy and content customers with specials that you have going on! All items are in stock and ready for shipment.