Small Colored Sale Single-Sided Sign Cards

Small Colored Sale Single-Sided Sign Cards

SKU # 15429
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SKU # 15429


    • 5 1/2"H x 7"W
    • 4 Fluorescent Colors (as shown)
    • SALE With Black Jagged Border
    • Single Sided
    • Pack of 100


Let your customers know about your exciting sales by using these Blank Fluorescent Sale Signs! Apart from having the word "SALE" at the top, these cards are blank, which gives you the freedom to customize the rest of the card! Each package consists of 100 Signs, with 25 cards of each color (green, orange, pink, and yellow). Each card is sized at 5½" x 7". These cards will grab customers' attention and enhance your marketing! Create your own personal display to tell your customers more about your sales. In stock and available for immediate shipment to you today, as long as we receive your order by 3pm.