How to Style Slot Wall Mount Boards

How to Style Slot Wall Mount Boards

Slot wall mount boards are a versatile store fixture that will complement the current look and feel of any store. This fixture can be matched to many of your existing fixtures and used in a variety of ways. This fixture is exclusive to Store Supply Warehouse and is available with single or double slots. Simply mount the board to any wall, creating a focal point in your retail space, and choose a slatwall faceout that meets your needs.

Here are our top 4 favorite ways to use a slot wall mount board:

1. Use a faceout sign holder to feature accessories.
Using a double slot wall mount board, combine a faceout sign holder for slatwall with a sale sign and a vintage scarf waterfall or 6-ball waterfall. This will draw the customer’s attention and bring them towards your accessories. Simply knot the scarves or hang purses on the waterfall you chose and this look is complete!

2. Use a body form to show a complete look.
Using a double slot wall mount board, combine a slatwall display hook and a hanging body form, such as a women’s torso, to create a full outfit display. By using a women’s torso, you can style a complete outfit that showcases a variety of products. Then, simply use a 12” slatwall faceout or waterfall in the second slot to hang the items being showcased.

3. Create a display that complements your racks.
Using the single slot wall mount board, combine a slatwall display hook and a hanging body form. Make sure to choose colors that complement your current racks. For example, if you have white racks in your store, choose a white display hook and form. Then, create an outfit that uses the pieces hanging from the racks surrounding the display. This will draw customers towards the racks.

4. Use pipe faceouts and lighting to create an industrial look.
Using the double slot wall mount board in natural grain caramel oak, you can create industrial look by adding the boutique pipe straight faceouts. This look has two options. First, you can use two faceouts to highlight multiple styles of products and get an eye-catching, industrial display. The second option is to add a light that can be used to spotlight product on one slot and a faceout on the other. Extra lighting is sure to gain customer attention!

More about the product:

Slot wall mount boards can be mounted to any wall surface. These should to be used with 3” O.C slatwall faceout accessories such as 6-ball waterfalls, straight faceouts, and scarf rings. These accessories are sold separately or you may use existing faceouts as long as they are 3” OC (on center). The boards are available in two sizes. The overall lengths are 20” x 6” for a single slot style and 40” x 6” for the double slot. The boards are 1” thick. They are available in two finishes, natural grain dark walnut and natural grain caramel oak. These are made of real wood and offer a durable finish that will easily complement our existing wood shelving and our outrigger units.

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