Top 5 Supplies You Need for Small Business Saturday

Top 5 Supplies you need for Small Business Saturday

  • Bags & Packaging With the increase in traffic that you will have in your store, you will need to make sure you have plenty of bags for your customer’s purchases. Make sure to stock up on all sizes, so you don’t end up having to send away small jewelry or candle purchases in a jumbo 16"W X 6"D X 19"H bag. For many, this will be a first impression visit to your store, make sure to have plenty of finishing supplies such as tissue paper, ribbon, tulle, or stickers. Providing your customers with a finished package provides a touch of professionalism and style to your business.

  • Hangers Customers will not want to be rummaging through piles of clothes, so keeping your store neat and organized is imperative. With high traffic, your fitting rooms will be visited much more than a normal day. So, make sure you have extra hangers to quickly run back inventory and make it easy for customers to continue shopping.

  • Labeling and Tagging Supplies Fasteners, labels, perforated coupon tags, etc. are essential to keeping your day running smoothly. Inventory will be moving quickly and in order to keep your checkout counter and sales team running efficiently, having all backup inventory priced and accounted for ahead of time is crucial.

  • Racks This is a great time to roll out some extra merchandise as new potential customers enter your store. Consider doing an early release rack along with a rack of sale merchandise. Also, by using racks that are mobile such as a single folding rolling rack or heavy-duty ‘Z’ truck rack, you can add these in for Small Business Saturday with extra merchandise without sacrificing your normal shopping space. If weather cooperates, these racks are also excellent for sidewalk sales and drawing people into your store.

  • Signage Start by using an A-Frame Sign in front of your store to attract potential customers passing by. This is a great space to let your customers know about any promotions you are offering and that you encourage them to #shopsmall. Extra in-store signage is also essential to point customers toward sale racks or flash sale items.
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