Displays for Men vs Women

How to Create Displays for Men vs Women

Like many things, it's not surprising that men and women have different shopping behaviors. So, it is beneficial for store owners or designers to cater certain displays toward women and others toward men, depending on the items featured and the season. You can find countless articles about the differing shopping habits of men and women. One of the most important aspects for men when shopping is an efficient check out. However, for women it is feeling like an important and valued customer.

Knowing this, you may be asking yourself how you can translate this information into your displays. Here is what we recommend thinking about when creating displays for men:

Make sure popular items for men are easy to find and in stock. Because men have a "get in, get out" shopping mentality, they may give up quickly if they cannot find exactly what they are looking for. Instead of creating cute, decorated displays we recommend focusing on visible signage and keeping products organized and nearby the display.

Men are generally less likely to ask for help than women. Try to make all products available on the floor rather than keeping them in the stockroom. Though it may look better to display an item without the clutter of having multiples of that product, men may not go looking for a displayed product if it is not readily available. To make them more comfortable, keep popular merchandise in one area so they are not overwhelmed having to walk and search through the entire store.

Women are a little more explorative in their shopping style, so you can have more freedom with your displays. Here is what we recommend thinking about when creating displays for women:

Because women love options and deals, displaying a plethora of merchandise can be advantageous when targeting women. You can utilize a mix of dump bins, tables, and racks to feature lots of merchandise. Displaying products at different price points will allow women to measure their options. Most women are not overwhelmed by a large inventory.

Make sure that you let your female customers know that you appreciate their business and ask for feedback from them. You can do this by adding things such as comment boxes or survey slips in your store. Also, women are more likely to buy multiple items when they can see them together. So, making complete outfits with accessories are likely to increase sales.

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